Client Testimonials

Emotional Freedom Technique




SC, Germany - I don't live in the UK so I had sessions with Lou on Skype. Although sceptic at first (as a lot of men are!), I have seen a massive change in my mental strength and confidence thanks to Lou’s help.

The mind is stronger than you think and by applying different techniques with Lou I was able to regenerate myself mentally without touching any sort of medication that was being proposed at one stage, I am totally thrilled.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Chloe S, Richmond - Having EFT sessions with you changed my life. If I had done the tapping on my own I’d have been afraid to continue and felt overwhelmed. You made me feel so safe, guided me safely through whatever was arising and I could not have overcome hurdles that I did without your help. 

Emotional Freedom Technique








Lynette H, Woking - If I'm completely honest I was a tad skeptical to begin with! But after just one session I was completely blown away by all that EFT has to offer and can not speak highly enough of Lou's professionalism, compassion and genuine, heartfelt desire to see people achieve optimal health and become the very best version of themselves. I was shocked by just how much we achieved in one session and the emotions that together we managed to release.

I came away from the session feeling like I had been relieved of a very heavy burden. I had a spring in my step, a renewed sense of hope and confidence that things were going to improve. That same evening I experienced the best night's sleep I'd had in over two months! We then followed this up with a further session and thanks to Lou I now have the tools to help myself on an ongoing basis.

The process has enabled me to slow down a very overactive mind whilst teaching me how to relax, trust, accept and surrender to the circumstances beyond my control. I can only wholeheartedly recommend Lou and all that she has to offer.

Emotional Freedom Technique


Bec Crisp, Richmond - Meeting and learning from Lou with EFT and sharing space with her has honestly been life changing - thank you, thank you, thank you!


Sue C, Barnes - Lou is one of the kindest people I know. She has a true and genuine interest in her clients and a whole host of techniques, ideas and ways to make them feel better.

The treatments are always a pleasure – and really set me up to face whatever life brings.  Lou always listens carefully and has given me some really useful and practical suggestions to work with. I would thoroughly recommend her.


Wanda F, Surbiton – A friend of mine gave me Lou’s contact details. I booked and was absolutely hooked!  I was actually quite bad when I got to Lou with aches in my shoulders, some parts of my ankles and feet.  After the first session, which was brilliant. I was pleasantly surprised to see such good results in such a short time. The results speak by themselves - no aches and pains, my mood is steady and the level of energy is so much better.

I was taken by her personal warmth and kindness. Lou has not only got magical fingers but most importantly an excellent knowledge of what she is doing and can read a person through the feet. 


Lucinda Peyton-Jones, Reiki Practitioner - I had the best Reflexology ever with Lou, she is amazing and picks up so much about you. If you like reflexology, she is the lady to see.

Reflexology for Pregnancy

Sian H, Thames Ditton - I received a number of reflexology sessions from Lou during my pregnancy and was thoroughly impressed by her technique and professionalism.

She treated me as an individual throughout - tailor-making each session to my individual needs and pregnancy ailments. Each session was thoroughly relaxing, boosted my confidence and well-being, leading me to welcome the birth process rather than fear it.

I have recommended her to many of my friends already and will continue to do so.

Bioresonance Testing

Bioresonance Testing






Bioresonance Testing

Claire Jade FerrantiBetween the bioresonance technology and Lou's personal touch I left feeling utterly revived. 

For over twenty years now I have only ever let my Cranial Osteopath rebalance my skeletal and hormonal system as I'm particularly sensitive to most treatments so I was a little nervous about bioresonance to begin with - I need not have been because straight away Lou put me at ease and I just knew I was in the best hands.  

I felt my energetic system and whole body gently rebalancing and I continue to feel amazing and function at a much higher level still weeks later. 


U Mistry, Osteopath - As an osteopath I witnessed the dramatic impact on improving tissue health and fluid movement in a patient who had chosen to use this form of treatment. I found that it not only helped their chronic joint pain but their general health and well-being.

Bioresonance Testing 

Alex Jones, The Healthy Girl - As someone who is a specialist in the Health & Wellness industry, I am always looking to the latest, cutting edge wellness breakthroughs. Lou’s service combines the best of science, technology and the healing power of the human body to give you the most fascinating and empowering understanding of your body.

Throughout my session, Lou’s genuine, caring nature and dedication to help people shone through. Lou shared her expert knowledge and suggested tailored recommendations that were really helpful for me. So if you are looking for the highest quality holistic wellness session, to get the best understanding of your body so you can get the best out of it and feel the way you want to feel, then you have to see Lou Tassell and her unique offering. 

Bioresonance Testing and EFT Tapping

Sandra H, Kingston - I came to Lou feeling so low emotionally like never in my life before. I started to think that there was something seriously wrong with me (physically) so I booked a bioresonance session. The body scan and rebalancing gave me the vital piece of mind I was well, but after seeing me so low, Lou suggested a session of Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help me reduce the intensity of the emotions I was feeling. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I felt so low that I was willing to try anything. During my first tapping session I was amazed what we found out about where some of my emotions came from, it felt like such a release. Lou was amazing how she led me through the thought process and step by step we pretty much got rid of the main negative feeling. I walked out of the session with a massive weight off my shoulders, a smile on my face and flabbergasted about how much we had achieved in a single session.

My second session was a two hour session that included to check my body had remembered how to work optimally and tapping. Again, I was very impressed with Lou’s ability to change my negative thoughts into positive ones. Through the combination of the two services (Scan and Rebalance) and (Tapping), I feel emotionally and physically 100 times better than before. I would definitely recommend both to anyone, try it and you will be amazed how it can change your life. 

Bioresonance Testing

Julie Eltham, Cribb & Hammer - After having problems with menopause and my parathyroid in the past and with much more physical work to be done in my new business, I was really keen to understand what my body was doing. I knew her therapy would be something very special and of the highest quality. It is amazing, you have to see it to believe it!

Since the scan and re-balancing session I have felt more energised, totally focused and genuinely feel more radiant with a real bounce in my step. Lou’s whole holistic personalised approach to health and wellbeing, always using and recommending the best solutions, has been invaluable to my health and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Bioresonance Testing

May Simpkin, Nutritional Therapist - Looking after your health and wellness is a paramount and as a Nutritional Therapist, I strive to keep myself in the best possible health. I was intrigued with the idea of seeing exactly what’s going on inside. 

I was amazed at the clarity and unique insight I had into my body and with Lou’s expertise and clear explanation, I was able to witness and experience immediate positive impact of the re-balancing on the areas that needed support. Although most areas were in balance, I am reassured that my approach to wellness is working for my body. Lou did offer some key recommendations tailored based on the results of some areas that needed support.

It’s an exciting non-invasive procedure that I can highly recommend both Lou and bioresoance to complement and enhance your health improvement strategies.

Bioresonance Testing

June B, Norfolk - I have suffered for a long time with pain in my joints, especially my shoulder, back and legs.Since the bioresonance rebalancing of these areas I have been in much less pain and have even been able to walk up and down stairs properly which I hadn't been able to do for at least 5 years..

My body really does feel much better than it did before, I am very pleased.

Bioresonance, Reflexology and EFT for Children

CS, Surbiton - As a mum you always want to help your children as much as possible and after talking with Lou we agreed a tailored programme of her unique holistic approach of bioresonance, reflexology and EFT Tapping would be the best way to help my 10 year old son with the effects of stress.

The in depth scan gave me the invaluable piece of mind that his body and mind was in good health. After the fully tailored reflexology and tapping sessions (and Lou’s excellent additional wellness recommendations for him), he was calmer, slept much better and was a happier boy. Lou also taught him the techniques so he was empowered to help himself at any time in the future which he loves as it gives him a support he didn’t have before.

Lou loves helping and sharing the good stuff and she shared the best with my son, I would recommend her to everyone.

Natural Supplements

JW, Durham - My kids have been taking Mannabears (we call them gummy bears) supplements for over 2 years now, they are great for kids, the difference they have made to my kids is fantastic, they are more focused, their concentration levels at school have improved, my youngest is now sleeping better which has improved his moods and there general well being has never been so better. 

My youngest son had to have a major hip operation last year, with Louise’s help we devised a program for before and after the operation, building Callum’s immune system up. His recovery has exceeded everybodys expectations, his surgeon is over the moon with his progress and his words to me in January were “whatever you are doing just keep doing it, I am amazed”.

I am one of the biggest sceptics around, but I have to say “it does what it says on the packet” so to speak. Thanks Lou for introducing my family to this healthy lifestyle.  :)

Natural Supplements

Angie D, Pink Frog Creative - I have always been a supplement sceptic, but having tried Nutriverus and having experienced first hand the resulting improvement of my own post operative recovery (to the point where doctors were 'flabbergasted' as my rapid healing), I encouraged my father to take Ambrotose during a major health challenge. To date he hasn't shown any of the immune deficiencies that you would expect and has in fact reacted to the treatment and recovered quickly - he is still taking it.

Overall, we, as a family are overwhelmed at just how good these supplements are and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Natural Supplements

Dr Dan Rainbow, Chiropractor, Kingston - Any chiropractor who is truly interested in offering their patients wellness care must be able to recommend a range of quality nutritional products to support a balanced diet. I recommend Mannatech as they are the top quality nutritional support company with unique products and ingredients that go hand in hand with spinal health.

Lou Tassell’s in-depth knowledge of these products and nutrition, her personal health experiences and professional and friendly support will help to improve your overall client experience and allow them to benefit from the power of the body and nutrition every day.

Natural Supplements

CM, Kingston – I definitely totally feel different – It must be the supplements as I haven’t changed any other things!! I love the Plus, it keeps me calm, I have loads more energy, focus and the children love the Mannabears.

We all know we are getting what we need. So thanks for all your help!