Lou Tassell

Integrated Wellness Specialist

Hello, I'm Lou Tassell. I am a fully trained, fully qualified and fully insured Integrated Wellness Specialist. Working from my wellness studio in Surbiton, Surrey, I have been supporting my clients to overcome wellness issues since 2010.

My Integrated approach to improving physical and emotional wellness is through natural treatments, combined with a deep understanding that you are unique. I believe that supporting and balancing the body and the mind together is the path towards optimal vitality. My natural treatments improve both the body and the mind through my chosen therapies – a powerful combination of Bioresonance Testing and Nutrition, Reflexology and EFT Tapping.

I understand the many physical and emotional challenges that we have to deal with in our working life and in our personal life. Often our overwhelming desire is to do all we can to keep our family and friends healthy and happy, whilst not always taking optimal care of our own health. As a mum who had a high pressure role in the corporate world some years ago, I know how this feels. I overcame health issues by using natural, effective treatments that rebalanced my body and mind and allowed me to take control of my wellness. I then re-trained as a specialist in these powerful wellness therapies. I now help clients using the same proven treatments that continue to help me and my family in so many ways.

My specialist approach is to listen to your wellness issues and use the unique combination of my professional knowledge, training and experience to help you take control of your wellness. I work with adults, and with parents and children together. 

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Please contact me now on 07966 502611 or by email for a free 15 minute wellness call on how I may be able to help you.