EFT for children


The stress and emotions our children experience today can be immense. Tapping is a wonderful tool for children as it allows them to be reassured that their emotions are important and to discover that they have the in-built ability to change how they feel, anytime. In today's world, I believe that this is a tool that every child needs.  

In the sessions, I explain how emotion affects our body and behaviour. I work with the children to show them how to turn upset feelings such as anger, worry, sadness, self esteem into calm and happiness, which is what being a child is all about.

Lou taught him the tapping technique so he was empowered to help himself at any time which he loves.”
— CS

The session is very interactive and I use a variety of tools to really connect with your children at their level, including:-

  1. Using their own favourite toys or characters to talk about their different emotions
  2. Drawing
  3. Creating their own visual 'feel-o-metre' that they can use to rate their feelings

What to expect in a Tapping session

As a parent, you are always present during the very first part of the session when I first meet the child. Then, ideally, as long as the child is comfortable with it, you wait outside the studio while we do the actual tapping session, with your child knowing they can call you in at anytime. This approach allows us to build up trust and the child often feels more free to say things they may not say if the parent was present.

The parent receives a full update after the session which adheres to client confidentiality requirements.

Appointment Notes

  1. EFT Appointments are £65 for a 45 minute session.
  2. Appointments take place in my wellness studio
  3. Optimal Vitality has a 24 hour cancellation policy.
  4. If cancellation is received on the day of the appointment and unless it is under extenuating circumstances, the appointment fee will be charged.



No services offered here diagnose or treat specific conditions or replace GP advice. If you are concerned, please visit your GP. The aim of these services is to help balance and support your body to allow it to work at its best.