Reflexology for Toddler and Baby

A natural, gentle and calming treatment to support your child

Birth is an amazing experience and an exciting new time for a family!

However, there may be stressful moments for the baby and for you as new parents as you try and do all you can to comfort and help your child.

Baby Reflexology is a wonderful treatment where parents, using Reflexology themselves, are able to comfort and bond with the baby through touch. It is suitable for babies over 4 weeks old. 

The approved Baby Reflex course teaches parents the following techniques to support;

- Feeding and digestion

- Sleeping/comforting

- Well being

The course is available for small groups and one to one sessions and fees include baby reflex charts.  

“Lou showed me how to comfort, support and bond with my baby every day which is a very special thing”
— CE

Toddler Reflexology offers the same relaxation and bonding benefits as Baby Reflexology and uses nursery rhymes which makes it fun for all the family!

The approved Toddler Reflex course teaches parents the following techniques;

- Connection, bonding and calming (instant way to deal with those tantrums!)

- Immune system support

- Digestive and nervous system support

- Pain relief

What to expect during your child’s one to one Reflexology sessions with me

You and I both know your child is an individual in mind and in spirit! Our first appointment together is where we discuss your child and any symptoms your child may be experiencing. I am available to listen to all your questions at this time.  From there we discuss a suitable Reflexology programme.  

I use relaxing Reflexology techniques to help your child with his or her specific issues. The treatment plan will change as we follow your child’s progress to ensure that you and your child get the most of every treatment.  

I will show you how to use Reflexology touch techniques when you are at home too.

Appointment Notes

  1. Reflexology Appointments babies, toddlers or children are £75 for a one to one hour session and includes charts.
  2. Contact Lou for dates for current Baby Reflex group courses @  The Aston Clinic, New Malden (min of 3 - max of 5 babies per group).
  3. All Reflexology appointments take place in my wellness studio, Surbiton or at the Aston clinic, New Malden.
  4. Optimal Vitality has a 24 hour cancellation policy.
  5. If cancellation is received on the day of the appointment and unless it is under extenuating circumstances, the appointment fee will be charged.


No services offered here diagnose or treat specific conditions or replace GP advice. If you are concerned, please visit your GP. The aim of these services is to help balance and support your body to allow it to work at its best.