Sick of not feeling your best and ready to make changes?

Here at Optimal Vitality, we know that you are constantly juggling everything, looking after everyone else first and probably feeling guilty about doing anything for yourself. This is why I am here to look after you.  

I give you fully tailored Integrated Wellness support to reduce your physical and emotional stresses - enabling you to get the most out of life. We take control of your wellness - together. Finding out the facts and the root causes about why you aren't feeling your best, then recommending and using one therapy or a blend of natural wellness therapies to get you feeling the way you want to feel. 

Stressed, tired, in pain or not feeling your best?

Most of my clients experiencing these issues fit into one of three categories - or even a mixture!

                                                Rabbit in headlights      Ostrich with head in the sand    Hamster in a wheel

  • Rabbit in headlights - overloaded with wellness and nutrition information, but confused about what to do
  • Ostrich with head in the sand - stressed, in pain, not feeling right, but ignoring everything that's wrong
  • Hamster in a wheel - wanting to make changes, but with no confidence or energy to get off the wheel

So which one do you feel like? Sadly the reality is you will stay feeling like this until you make a change and ask for help. 

By asking for help and taking control, you will gain clarity, knowledge and support so you can make the right choices for your unique wellness, allowing you to reduce your pain, stress, boost your energy and get the most out of life. 

Supporting you on your wellness journey

Health Owl

This is where you become a Wise Wellness Owl for your body and your mind! 

Our tailored Integrated Wellness approach focuses on understanding and supporting both your physical and emotional wellness as they are ALWAYS linked. You also receive your very own tailored Wellness Toolkit, which includes instant ways to rebalance, swaps to give you more energy and recommendations on how to reduce your physical and emotional stresses. So that you can manage and reduce your stress, pain, fatigue or other wellness issue every day

We uncover the facts and root causes behind your wellness issues through an Integrated Wellness review and our cutting edge  Bioresonance scanning technology.

We release the stresses and tensions in your body through relaxing and rebalancing Reflexology 

With EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping), you discover an instant way to manage and turn down your unhelpful emotions and pressures including stress, anxiety, fear and confidence.

Talk to me

If you are sick of not feeling your best, not feeling supported and know what you want your life and wellness to be like, get in touch now on 07966 502611 or email me for a free 15 minute chat so we can talk about the best next step for you. I will listen to your needs and bring together all my vast wellness knowledge, training and experience to help you take back control and get the most out of life. 


Bioresonance Testing

Bioresonance Testing and nutrition

Body Scanning

Body Rebalancing

Nutritional Improvement



Reflexology, Maternity and Baby Reflexology


Stress and Anxiety Release

Healthy Sleep



advanced Tapping therapy - emotional freedom

Reducing Unhelpful Emotions

Developing Positive Emotions

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