Tap and Breathe your way to balance
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Tap and Breathe your way to balance

Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of the fastest and easiest ways to release unhelpful emotions and inner voices such as anxiety, worry and overwhelm. Our breath is quite simply and beautifully the most effective way to activate the relaxation response in the body and instantly alter our emotional state.

In this highly informative, practical workshop, myself & Kate Woodward (Ginger Tonic) will explain -

* Why our thoughts can take over and why we can feel on constant alert
* Why breathing techniques are so incredibly important and powerful
* Tapping tools to reduce unhelpful emotions or inner voices that hold you back
* Pranayama (breathing) techniques to manage your emotional and energetic state

£50 including refreshments and wellness advice for all the family! £40 early bird price until 20th December. Flyer available on the Optimal Vitality facebook page.

Call me for more information and to book your place.

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Take control of your wellness and "Rebalance your body".
This month, as the Bioresonance and EFT Tapping specialist at bhuti, I will be joining their Nutritional Therapist, Cicely, to provide an informal, yet informative supper club discussing the importance of balance in the digestive system for optimal wellness.

As well as enjoying a delicious, freshly prepared, rebalancing meal, you will learn about the disruptors that could be putting your body out of balance and stopping you from feeling the way you want to feel, plus practical ways to rebalance your unique body.

Together with bhuti's Nutritional Therapist, Cicely, who will be showcasing a 3-course vegan, gluten free dinner. £25 per person 

15% discount for full bhuti members

Click on the link below to book your space now 



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to Nov 16

Baby Reflex Course - 1 hour x 3 weeks

Learn Reflexology techniques to help your baby's sleep, digestion and wellness

- help your baby sleep well so you can too

- calm and comfort your baby

- relieve poorly tummies, reflex and colic 


1 hour per week for 3 weeks 10am - 11am @ The Aston Clinic, New Malden

2nd November - Week 1 - Digestion and Feeding

9th November - Week 2 - Calming, sleep and comforting 

16th November - Week 3 Wellbeing include ears, colds, immune boosts


£50 for the 3 week course (includes baby reflex charts and notes)

Maximum of 5 in group

Book now by calling Lou on 07966 502611 or email at lou@optimalvitality.co.uk


Lou is fully trained in the specialist Baby Reflex techniques and is a Full Member of the Association of Reflexologists

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EFT Taster sessions - discover your instant de-stress buttons!

Free EFT taster session

In her natural wellness work, Lou supports many adults and children dealing with stress related wellness issues.

Lou is an advanced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner and for National Stress Awareness day on November 1st, she is donating her time and offering free 15 minute EFT tapping taster sessions at bhuti. These sessions will give you the opportunity to understand and experience this natural, empowering tapping therapy that adults and children can use at any time to reduce stress and other unhelpful emotions.

Our mind is such a powerful part of us and our wellness. We are made like onions - with many layers of emotions and beliefs! If we sabotage ourselves with unhelpful emotions and self-limiting beliefs, we are damaging our overall well-being. The way to move away from unhelpful emotions such as “I’m stressed and can’t cope, "I'm not good enough" and "I can't do that" to thinking positively is to understand your own 'onion layers' and learn effective ways to acknowledge and manage your emotional reactions.

With EFT, you can say hello to feeling positive! It is like having a volume button for your unhelpful emotions – it allows you to turn them down and enables you to move forward.

Places are limited so please call Lou directly on 07966 502611 or email her at lou@optimalvitality.co.uk to book now. To find out more about the benefits of EFT tapping therapy, please call or read Lou’s blog what to do when our emotions get the better of us



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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health day 2017 is on Tuesday 10th October.

In my wellness work I support many adults and children dealing with mental health or stress related issues and I am passionate about promoting Mental Health awareness.

So on October 10th I am offering free 15 minute online EFT tapping taster sessions to show people this natural, empowering therapy that adults and children can use at anytime to manage unhelpful emotions.

Places are limited so please email me or call me on 07966 502611 to book now.

To find out more about EFT tapping therapy, please read my What to do when our emotions get the better of us blog

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