Optimal Vitality Case Study


Sandra is a 41 year old mum and childminder. Suffering from back pain, she was constantly tired and some other minor symptoms were really getting her down and stopping her feeling 100%. She came to me very upset, concerned and she had enough of feeling this way. She wanted to know what imbalances could be causing these issues and how I could help her to feel more energetic, alert - and able to control her emotions that she felt were taking over her.

I recommended a programme of Bioresonance and EFT for for Sandra.

The bioresonance testing ensured she got the insight about the root causes of any imbalances - including heavy metals, bacteria, sensitivities. The EFT Tapping gave her a deeper understanding of her emotions and the techniques she could use to turn them down - which we agreed was key to her moving forward on her wellness journey. Based on the results, the bioresonance rebalancing focused on her nervous, immunity and hormonal systems. Over the sessions we saw her statistics and overall wellness improve.

During the EFT Tapping sessions, we focused on the most intense emotions she was feeling. I led her through the session, always working with the details she gave me. We successfully reduced the intensity of feelings that had really got her down and also allowed her to see that there were other emotions behind that initial feeling which we also worked on. At the end of every session, she was amazed that we shifted so much. At the end of every session, I gave Sandra recommendations including hand reflexes, a tapping phrase to work on at home and other nutrition and wellness advice to help her body and mind. I also highly recommended she saw a back specialist to check her spine alignment.

Since the sessions Sandra said she has had more energy and focus, much less pain, knows what her body needs and can control her emotions whenever she needs to. Her self belief and self confidence in situations has also increased and she feels much calmer and more empowered to deal with things that may happen. The sessions have had a hugely positive impact on her personal and professional life. 

What Sandra says - 



Sandra H
I came to Lou feeling so low emotionally like never in my life before. I started to think that there was something seriously wrong with me (physically) so I booked a bioresonance session. The body scan and rebalancing gave me the vital piece of mind I was well, but after seeing me so low, Lou suggested a session of Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help me reduce the intensity of the emotions I was feeling. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I felt so low that I was willing to try anything. During my first tapping session I was amazed what we found out about where some of my emotions came from, it felt like such a release. Lou was amazing how she led me through the thought process and step by step we pretty much got rid of the main negative feeling. I walked out of the session with a massive weight off my shoulders, a smile on my face and flabbergasted about how much we had achieved in a single session.

My second session was a two hour session that included to check my body had remembered how to work optimally and tapping. Again, I was very impressed with Lou’s ability to change my negative thoughts into positive ones. Through the combination of the two services (Scan and Rebalance) and (Tapping), I feel emotionally and physically 100 times better than before. I would definitely recommend both to anyone, try it and you will be amazed how it can change your life.”