Natural Wellness Tips for Winter

Winter is here!  It's the coldest of our seasons, daylight hours are shorter and we’re susceptible to catching colds, sore throats and even flu!  So, to keep you performing at your best, whether that’s at work, socialising, doing sports or out on the pitch cheering your team on, here’s some healthy living tips to boost your winter wellness -

·       Reduce stress levels – Stress depletes the body of all immune boosting nutrients. Minimising your stress will release more energy for your immune system and your overall wellness.

·       Love your gut – it houses arounds 70% of your immune power. Support your gut with a balanced diet including a rainbow of fruits, vegetables, protein and good fats. Fermented products and live, organic natural yoghurt are all full of good bacteria which will protect you from the winter bugs.

·       Drink water – Dehydration reduces our immune system and energy levels, so stay hydrated this winter. The moisture also boosts the bacteria fighting powers of mucous membranes, including those in your sinuses. If you do get mucousy, cut out dairy. Plus, your muscles are 75% water, so water will also help you avoid injury and maximise performance.

·       Sleep - The body rebalances, recharges and regenerates overnight and 11pm to 3am is a key time for this crucial wellness process, so ideally be in bed by 10pm to get the sleep your body deserves and needs.

·       Exercise – regular exercise helps your immune and digestive system work more optimally and produces happy hormones in the colder weather. Exercise moves the lymphatic system which takes all the toxins, bad bacteria and other waste chemicals away, so keep moving!

To understand how to best support your physical and emotional wellness– and reduce your stress levels this winter, book a consultation with me for a winter wellness review.

The review includes a discussion on your wellness situation and 2 bioresonance body scanning sessions. - Special Winter Offer £195.

Keep warm!

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