Invisible toxins and 5G technology

Integrated approach to wellness

My integrated approach to wellness is focused on helping clients to find the root causes to wellness issues. This means understanding and reducing people’s physical, emotional, relationship and environmental stressors and then empowering people with tools to improve wellness and get the most out of life.

Radio Frequency Radiation

Back in 2016 I wrote a blog about radio frequency radiation from phones and devices. Since then I have been monitoring how this (and other invisible toxins) disrupt the wellness of my clients in treatment sessions, and reviewing my clients’ results from my medical grade bioresonance scanning and rebalancing treatments. It’s a topic close to my heart, both as a parent and as a wellness practitioner.

5G Data Technology Roll-out

When I found out about the new 5G data technology roll-out, I wanted to raise awareness about this critical issue again. You don’t know what you don’t know, but you need to know these key points:-

  1. We are already exposed to radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMF) with the current 4G data technology.

  2. The new 5G technology will add a significant extra burden on our bodies as it will be on every street transmitting 24/7 365 days a year. 

  3. RF EMF exposures can cause serious biological effects including cancer and many other diseases and symptoms. This is creating urgent calls from experts for the World Health Organisation to change it’s current classification from possible human carcinogen (could possibly cause cancer) to known human carcinogen (can cause cancer - same as asbestos, tobacco and x-rays).

  4. Children and unborn children are more vulnerable to both 4G and 5G technology as are older, pregnant, ill, infirm and hypersensitive people.

  5. No safety limits are in place to protect against non-thermal effects in the UK (effects that happen without heating occurring which cause the adverse biological health effects above).

  6. Animals and plants can also be affected by RF induced biological damage.

  7. Even though the technology companies are promoting 5G technology to sell their products and services, there have been many concerns raised by the public and - in fact - there has been no informed consent to this advanced type of exposure been given by the public.

What I am doing about 5G

Because of the seriousness of this issue, I have been sharing my concerns with my local council to highlight the need for education programmes to ensure public health is protected. I was a speaker at the Kingston Council Health and Wellbeing Board Meeting on 3rd September and will continue to share my knowledge and concerns that are sourced from experts with councillors.

If you live, work or study in the Borough of Kingston Upon Thames and would like to sign the petition to halt 5G until safety can be assured, please click on this link to set up an account, sign and share the petition.

I will be attending The Radiation Health 2019 Get the Facts International Conference this month which is bringing global experts together to share the latest information. I will share the key insights from the conference.

Reducing exposure

Whilst we can’t eliminate our exposure to this type of technology, my suggestions below can help reduce the exposure for you and your family. My suggestions are especially important for children:-

1.     Stop unnecessary usage of wireless devices/PC signals (including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)

2.     Do not sit near routers or signal boosters at home or at work

3.     Turn off Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and devices when not using them, especially overnight

4.     Sit at a table when using a device, avoid having them on your lap

5.     Never charge devices near you or when you’re sleeping and never under a pillow

6.     Don’t carry devices in your pockets. Keep devices away from the body in a bag or briefcase whenever possible, as the part of your body by the phone will be exposed to the signal 

7.     Use air tube headphones standard headphones have metal in so conduct radiation from your phone to your brain

8.     Do not hold the mobile phone close to your head, use the speaker instead

9.     Do not place your ear to the mobile when the phone is connecting

10.   Avoid using your mobile in low signal areas or in cars

Environmental Health Trust also provide guidance on protection.

In the meantime, if you would like tailored integrated wellness advice for you or your family, please do contact me on 07966 502611.