A safe space to learn and grow

In the middle of January I had an accident which was a totally unexpected and highly frustrating experience! It totally changed my daily life and I was advised to take 3 months off work so I would be able to focus on healing and recharging. What was I going to do?!

First of all I had to acknowledge and release the emotions of immense frustration at losing all the powerful momentum I had built up. I felt tired at the thought of all the effort needed to get my health back to full form again after it had been badly knocked. And I felt guilty of not being able to help others as I normally do in my business.

But in the background I knew I was being given the gift of a safe space to learn from the experience and to grow. I quickly realised that to maximise this gift, I had to accept and let go of trying to be the person I felt people needed me to be. I needed to be completely open to new insights, and the key insight was that I needed to be vulnerable and to surrender to it. Even on the bad days of feeling really unwell, I felt gratitude knowing in some way all of this was going to transform my thinking and how I see things.

Many people thought I was a little strange feeling all this gratitude and looking for the positive opportunities it offered. Understandably all they wanted was to take the pain away and for me to be back to normal. Having an enforced safe space to grow has given me so many new ways to support people and has given me -

  • a new insight into what so many people go through every day when their wellness is compromised

  • an understanding of how lonely you can feel without the right support around you

  • how confusing and overwhelming all the medical appointments can be and

  • how at times you do not have the energy or brain space to even think about how to best help your body and your mind

Having time off has reinforced my core beliefs that the body must work at it's own pace. I wanted to do so many things to support it, but my instinct kept saying it wasn't ready and I had to respect that and trust in it's wisdom. After all, too much too soon is as bad as too little too late! The most powerful lesson of all, that a safe space where you feel truly heard, validated and supported is priceless to your recovery. And growing into the best version of yourself.
When my parents stayed with me, they helped me take a rose from my church that needed to be rescued before major works started. We uprooted it with no warning and replanted it giving a completely new view on the world that it needed to adapt to and prosper in. I got expert advice from my gardening guru Valerie Munro and we did all we could to create a safe space for it to grow courageously during uncertain times, nurturing it, supporting it and appreciating it every day.

As Easter approaches with new beginnings, this gives us an opportunity to look at things differently to create new energy, to create a support team around us.  I encourage you all to look at what you need in your life to help you create the safe place to grow stronger roots and to create the view and energy you want to see and feel every day.

As we move into May, as well as hoping to start my one to one wellness support sessions, I have two upcoming events -

The calming Tap and breathe your way into balance afternoon course in Surbiton on Saturday, 29th June, where you learn powerful techniques you can use every day to instantly manage to helpful emotions and reduce stress

“A wonderful event - You’ll walk away feeling armed with tools on how to address issues you have and you’ll feel very safe with like-minded individuals”

And the inspiring ‘Courage to create change and be you’ on Saturday, 11th May a wonderful day retreat in London which allows you space and time to focus on releasing the past, being in the present and visualising the future.

“If you want to feel better, clarify your goals, focus on what really matters and leave the day feeling like you’ve taken so many positive steps forwards, then this is the day for you” 

Some clients from the workshops just put words to describe their personal experience – “a safe space, catalyst for change, companionship, liberating, inspiring, hopeful, joyous”.
If you are looking for these along with expert support delivered in an inspiring safe space to allow you to grow then book your place now. Both courses will also be run in Autumn.

Telephone or email me to book your place on either or both events.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter and a spring in your step!

Lou Tassell
Integrated Wellness Specialist
07966 502611