The key to wellness - doing the right thing at the right time

We are halfway through January and no doubt you have been bombarded by many, many different ways to improve your wellness. I believe knowledge is power but too much information can be both confusing and overwhelming. This results in you either doing something that may not be right for your body or doing nothing at all as you are unsure what to do! 

The real key to wellness, is doing the right thing for you at the right time.

Take detoxing for example. Detoxing can be helpful if it is done correctly and if your body is able to benefit from it. However, if you already have digestive issues, feel tired all the time, have low immunity or don’t drink a lot of water, it is likely that your detox organs are already struggling. A detox will put even more pressure and stress on them which will definitely reduce the benefits of the detox and possibly make them even more tired and out of balance.    

The same goes for trying to lose weight. A healthy digestive system is key for effective weight loss.

On the emotional side, if your digestive system isn’t happy, your mind is likely to be unhappy too so you will not be feeling all the good vibes you may want to feel during the winter months.

So, if you were to focus on one area this winter, as well as getting a good night’s sleep, I would say, find ways to support your digestive system.  This will improve the effectiveness of all the other changes you may plan to do as well as boosting your mood and your immune system - at a time when the bugs seem to be everywhere!

My top 3 suggestions would be;

-          Support your gut bacteria with foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, Jerusalem artichoke, under ripe banana, raw onion, raw garlic (or a quality probiotic/prebiotic supplement)

-          Chew your food more – the more you break it down, the less pressure you put on your digestive system

-          Move regularly in the day and find ways to switch off and relax in the evening

We are unique and there is no wellness plan that fits all. So the more you can understand about your body, the more you can support it in the right way at the right time. To understand how to best support your physical and emotional wellness – and reduce your stress levels this winter, call me for a free 15 minute wellness consultation.

Alternatively, if you are looking for detailed insight and knowledge of your body, call and book your winter wellness review now before the special offer finishes at the end of the month. The review includes a discussion on your wellness situation and 2 bioresonance body scanning sessions - Special Winter Offer £175.

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