Pain is a cry for help from our body that we should listen to

All of us will have either been in pain ourselves or know someone who is suffering with pain. Pain ranges from that annoying niggle to a debilitating pain that limits what we do every day. Although we instinctively view pain negatively, it is the body’s way of telling us it needs our help. So what do we do when we get this cry of help?

Because pain disrupts our life, we often understandably turn to anti-inflammatory tablets or pain relief to take the pain away.

This is like covering up the warning lights on your car’s dashboard!  It may help as a short term fix, but as it was confirmed by a top pain specialist in the UK during the recent The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs BBC One series, it is definitely not a long term one. This is because the problem and root cause are not being addressed - you are just hiding the pain so you don’t feel it as much.  On top of that you might be at risk of the possible side effects of long term use of this type of medication.

Most people would say they have good and bad days with pain, not 24/7 pain.

This is because pain and inflammation can increase if it is exposed to triggers like movement, exercise, certain foods, emotions and environmental factors such as heavy metals, toxins or bacteria. Everyone would agree that pain can also create negative emotions - plus it can stop us from sleeping and exercising which then in turn can create more stress on the body. 

The reality is, if you want less pain long term, doctors and holistic practitioners alike would agree that you have to make changes and not just rely on medication.

By accepting that pain is your body's cry for help and trying to identify the potential causes of your pain, you can take back control and make effective changes that can start to reduce the pain naturally. This could be through:-

-          making simple food swaps and anti-inflammatory additions which reduce the pressure on your joints, your digestive and detox systems

-          using Reflexology to rebalance the painful area and stimulate your own natural anti-inflammatory, backed up by recent research discussed in the Daily Telegraph article Reflexology 'as effective as painkillers'

-          turning down your pain, stress levels and emotions with EFT so you feel more in control 

The real key though is finding the root cause as we are all unique.  

A detailed insight from Bioresonance Testing of our body and mind gives us the power to best help it.  I understand how draining and limiting pain can be, which is why I want to let you know that you can get control back - and do things every day to reduce your pain and feel the way you want to feel.

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