Are you taking synthetic or natural supplements?

Our bodies were built to obtain the nutrients they need from food. Food comes in a food matrix where it is mixed with other biological components that means your body knows exactly what to do with it, likes cogs working together in a machine. With this, your body absorbs and uses the nutrients optimally.  However, with mass market food production the nutrition in food is decreasing and we are suffering from a nutrition gap - read more about the Nutrition Gap.  

Our bodies often need help via supplements to bridge our nutrition gap.

Synthetic supplements are not natural

Up to 90% of vitamins and minerals you see on the shelf and online are synthetic. Synthetic supplements are not derived from real food therefore cannot mimic the biological process. Many packs say they are natural - in fact they may be up to 90% synthetic! 

Some ingredients are natural as they do come from nature, for example rocks, coal tar, but these ingredients are not food.  We don't normally have the urge to eat rocks for breakfast! These ingredients are not recognised by the body in the same way as food is - so it is vital to know the source of your vitamin and mineral supplements that you are taking.  Labels are extremely confusing so if you would like to know more, please contact me for a free glossary of synthetic ingredients, so you know what you are putting in your body.  

Natural supplements are - natural!

This only way to get standardised, highest quality natural nutrients for your body is from natural supplements - specifically from plant sourced vitamins and minerals.  Let your body receive the nutrients it needs, fully understands and can easily absorb - only from 'real' natural supplements!

Overall, we, as a family are overwhelmed at just how good these supplements are and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

The unique nutrients that support every cell

Most people know that our cells need vitamins and minerals, fatty acids and amino acids every day. However, what you may not know is that we need 8 essential plant carbohydrates - glycans - to help our cells to communicate the best they can - to see, defend and support each other.  

Glycans help improve cognitive function, support the immune and digestive system and also make you feel happier as they improve mood!   I felt all of these and more benefits after my own health challenges, which is why I now share the power of glycans with others. 

Glycans are good carbohydrates and are part of our genetic make up. They form a huge part of the immune goodness in breast milk, play a key role in the conception and egg fertilisation process and differentiate our blood groups.

We are meant to have glycans but we just can't get enough from our diet, so we need to supplement using essential plant supplements.  When our cells work together properly, the body works optimally. 

Contact me about switching to the only unique, high quality, real food and plant based supplements that I use personally (after it transformed my health), for my family and that I recommend to clients.  As well as helping your body naturally, you will automatically give a malnourished child the same real food and plant goodness you are getting, see Charity Support.