Bioresonance Technology

Bioresonance Technology is the best of biophysics, energy information and computer technology - blended together. Body scanning technology gives you insight into your body, the organs and the systems that make your body work. It works on fact - the fact that everything around us and in our body has a certain frequency characteristic.

Optimal frequency makes our body work optimally - like bar codes for the body. You can see from the images below - the left image shows imbalance and the right image shows balance.





Stressors in the body, such as bacteria, toxins, physical or emotional stress can damage the bar codes so areas of the body can forget how to work optimally - that's when our body, organs and our wellness over time may start to suffer.  

Stress and imbalance in the body is sometimes apparent through pain and stress but sometimes there are no outward or physical symptoms so these stresses and imbalances remain undetected - undermining your health.

What you see with Bioresonance Scanning Technology

Bioresonance technology comprises of:-

  • A frequency box which sends and analyses frequencies
  • Patented headphones that you wear
  • A sensor pad where you rest both of your hands 
  • A light emitting device that increases accuracy

During the scan the computer screens show anatomical images of your body. It uses frequency technology to highlight which areas of the body are balanced (where bar codes are working well) - and identifies those areas that are under stress (where the bar codes are imbalanced). 

The scan shows you a snapshot percentage of the overall body as well as the following key areas and related organs:-

Lou’s service combines the best of science, technology and the healing power of the human body to give you the most fascinating and empowering understanding of your body.”
— AJ
  1. Abdomen - digestive
  2. Immune - blood, spleen, red bone marrow
  3. Cardiovascular - arteries, veins, heart
  4. Spine - central nervous system and peripheral nervous system
  5. Respiratory - chest organs
  6. Head - brain
  7. Hormonal glands
  8. Pelvic cavity - organs
  9. Urogenital
  10. Skeletal bones - discs and joints
  11. Skin

Why Sigi (Sensitiv Imago Great Insight) bioresonance technology is special

  1. Holds EU certification with validation of average level of accuracy of 96%
  2. Non invasive and pain free for everyone over 5 years old (see Bioresonance Appointments for contraindications)
  3. Made up of the highest quality components produced by Bosch Siemens
  4. Reads information from organs via the brain, not acupuncture points or bio field, to improve accuracy 
  5. Client receives scan and rebalancing in the same session
  6. Uses three cutting edge reading/feedback devices to ensure accuracy
  7. Uses non linear analysis to identify causes of imbalances
  8. Integrated software is updated on an annual basis

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